Product Data

  • Comes with 3 technologies in one device, deeply cleans the skin, helps to better absorb beauty cream, and keep the skin youthful looking
  • Accoustic massaging with ion+ and soft vibrations eliminates dirt hidden in pores and provides long lasting skin maintenance
  • Acoustic massaging with ion- and soft vibratinos sends skin care deeply into the skin, and maximizes the protection effect of skin care products
  • Phototherapy:
    • Orange light (590nm)
    • Activates cells, renews collagen and slows skin-aging
  • Two modes (continuous/intermittent) for use
  • Two auto-timing systems, 5 minutes for galvanic current and soft vibration, and 10 minutes for phototherapy
  • The massage head is made of antiallergic material, which is safe for all skin types
  • USB rechargeable